Metal supply & sales 2012

Metal supply & sales 2012
: Отсутствует
: 2012
: Металлоснабжение и сбыт
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In the special edition of the “Metal Supply & Sales” magazine you will find the analysis of current situation in Russian ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy in the context of global production; in depth flat and long-rolled products, pipe, copper and aluminum industry research. English speaking readers of the special edition will be able to acquire information on Russian metallurgy perspectives, market trends and industry innovations. In the “Metal supply & sales” magazine sector’s leading companies – MMK, NLMK, RMK, TMK, OMK, Chelpipe, Uraltrubprom and Ukraine’s Metinvest, present their articles on new production capacities, products and engineering solutions. In addition the Chinese market forecast is published in this issue of the magazine. It is well known, that Russian metallurgy is export-oriented. More than 50% of all production is being exported and Russia is considered to be among the five largest suppliers of metals on world markets. Therefore, export contracts have always been, are, and in the nearest future will be crucial for the national producers of steel products. «Metal Supply & Sales» magazine sees its mission as a bridge between the producers and consumers of metals. Therefore English edition, which aims to promote the domestic steel industry on the international markets, is being published. According to the statistics, each magazine is being read by 15 person, so 8 thousand copies are being read by 120,000 people. Over 100 thousand industry representatives from all around the world will be able to examine the maps of Russian metallurgical assets, get the perspective on the traditional and new types of products, and to establish mutually beneficial commercial relationships.


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